Sacha is passionate about wellness. She believes that physical and emotional wellbeing is our birthright, and is on a mission to spread joy throughout the land.

With a background of nursing in the NHS, Sacha has a strong desire to help people to live their best lives - and she has first hand experience of how to use the tools available to help us to do just that.

Sacha is a fully qualified and insured yoga teacher, registered with the international Yoga Alliance, and has undertaken specialised training in pregnancy, labour preparation and postnatal yoga.

With a love of language, a degree in applied psychology and a passion for empowering women, the next logical step in Sacha's wellness career was hypnobirthing. Sacha chose to study KG Hypnobirthing, a training that's accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and highly regarded internationally.

But nothing gets Sacha's motor running more than seeing people succeed and ooze joy. She wants everyone in the world to become so deliriously happy that it's almost vomit-inducing, and even more importantly, believes that this is possible with the right tools. She is a life coach and is working towards accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.

Sacha was drawn to the wellness industry after a skiing accident caused a torn ligament in her knee, which required surgery. A few months post-op and still banned from skiing, she was invited to a week long yoga retreat, which she jumped at - she hadn't been to a yoga class in years, but a holiday's a holiday, right?

After just a couple of days there she noticed that she no longer had the aches and pains that she'd been experiencing in her knee, thigh and glute ever since the accident, which was now over a year ago. And that was it - she was hooked!

Fast forward a short while to an extremely stressful period in her life, working in a particularly high pressured nursing role. With the pressure finally starting to get to her, she thought that she'd try embracing the more 'spiritual' aspects of yoga practice, having been interested in only the physical posture work up until then. 

Yoga and meditation/mindfulness gave Sacha the tools to cope with stress and to embrace life to the fullest, as well as physical strength and flexibility, and so began her journey down the path of self-development and coaching.

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