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During the first peak of the pandemic, hospitals were compared to war zones.

Like soldiers, as soon as a threat appeared, healthcare workers went into battle, all guns blazing, to protect the public.

And, like soldiers, you made difficult decisions. You faced ethical dilemmas daily, and had to come to terms with the fact that the care you could give now looked different.

Also like soldiers, healthcare workers face the threat of moral injury. It's often confused with burnout, but in a nutshell, it arises when your actions or witnessed events go against your own moral code. 

Turning a patient less often than you would ordinarily want to. Not being able to tube a patient you normally would. Sending your children to live with grandparents to keep them safe, when you know they should really be with you. Being redeployed to an area you don't feel prepared to work in, or maybe have always actively avoided. These can all contribute to moral injury, which in turn can cause feelings of stress, anxiety and guilt. These feelings can affect how you feel about your job.

I don't want that for you. You're holding up the nation. 

The good news is that moral injury isn't inevitable, and neither is burnout.

Join me for a three-day programme to show you how to avoid and/or recover from moral injury.

Why me? What do I know?

Well, I'm an 'ex' nurse with over a decade of experience in the NHS, who recently returned to the front line to help during the first peak, so I know what it can be like out there. A few years ago I reached burnout and left the profession. I don't want that for you.


I'm now a trained life coach and wellbeing expert, specialising in working with healthcare professionals.

I can share with you the tools that I used to recover and change my mindset.

I can help you to let go of any feelings of guilt that you might have from working through the pandemic. I can help you to see your work as positively as I do, so that you can finish each shift proud of what you accomplished, no matter what that might have been.

What's more, I know how hard it can be to commit to a programme across multiple days when you work shifts. I've got you covered.

Dare to Care is an online group programme will run for 30 days, starting on Monday 19th October. All three sessions will run each week, so no matter your shift pattern you should be able to get to all three sessions over the course of the 30 days. You're even free to repeat the sessions more than once if you want to.

I'll teach you about moral injury, share coping strategies and mindset techniques to help you to avoid it, and how to support each other. There's no pressure to share during the live sessions, but if you choose to share there will be the opportunity for a live coaching session with me.

Book your spot now. 

Can't wait to see you there.



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