Find a Positive Caesarean 

Birth Workshop

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Due to the current climate, all workshops with Sacha Yoga Life are being delivered online at the present time.

If you're planning a caesarean birth, whatever the reason for that might be, you might think that hypnobirthing isn't for you.


This is a common misconception, and it's easy to see why: if you know that your birth isn't going to be vaginal then the information around the physiological process of labour or perineal massage is less relevant. 


However, you are still giving birth. 

You are having a birth experience. 

Whatever your birth experience looks like, a mother and a baby will be born from it.


And, importantly, you are still entitled to make decisions about how you would like your birth to look. Yes, those decisions might look a little different, but knowing your options will empower you to speak to you healthcare providers to ensure that you have the best possible birth experience for you. 


This is why, at Sacha Yoga Life we have put together this Positive Caesarean Birth Workshop, to empower you to make decisions about your birth experience, as well as to provide you with key relaxation and breathing techniques for use in the run up to and during your birth.

What does the course cover?

  • How the mind works

  • Gentle caesarean

    • What to expect in theatre​

    • How to create a gentle caesarean

    • The Golden hour

  • Relaxation techniques, including:

    • Breathing techniques

    • Relaxation scripts

    • Positive affirmations

  • The role of the pelvic floor & exercises

  • The role of the birthing partner

  • Taking responsibility for your own birth

  • How to ask empowering questions

  • Dealing with stress

What materials are included in the course?

Once you've booked your spot, you'll receive a free relaxation MP3 so that you can start your practice right away.

Before the course starts, you'll receive:

Parents' resource pack, which includes: course outline; notes; positive affirmations for pregnancy and birth; 5 relaxation scripts; breathing and visualisation techniques; Empowering Birth Stories Only notices; recommended further reading; information on nutrition in pregnancy; packing lists for hospital. 

As courses are all currently being delivered online, this will be provided in PDF format.

Four additional MP3s: although it's beneficial to have someone you love and trust read the relaxation scripts to you, they're not with you 24/7, so Sacha provides an MP3 recording of each relaxation script (you'll have already received the first MP3 on booking).

The prices shown are for the expectant mother and her birthing partner - whether that's baby's daddy, granny-to-be or your BFF. If they're going to be supporting you during your birth experience, they're welcome on the course. If your birthing partner isn't able to attend with you, or you don't have one, don't worry. Women do attend these courses alone and share what they've learned with the people who are going to support them. And you'll have the MP3s to listen to.

This virtual workshop is delivered over a 3 hour sessions via Zoom. During the virtual workshop, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with other expectant couples, just as you would in face to face courses.