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5th December 2019

Introducing: Discover Day Retreat

Announcing Discover day retreat. Discover the blocks that may be stopping you from achieving the year that you want.

6th November 2019

Coming Soon: Foundations of Asana Workshop

Think you've got a dodgy downward dog? Worried about your warrior? Is your high to low plank more of a high to low plonk?


Join Sacha in a two hour workshop, where she will drill down to the foundations of some of the most fundamental yoga poses. 


2nd September 2019

Introducing: Pregnancy yoga

We're thrilled to be able to offer pregnancy yoga to the masses. Stay tuned for upcoming classes.

Organising a baby shower? Well why not add a yoga session to the day to really pamper and centre the mum-to-be? Contact us for a quote.




















25th June 2019

Thanks to everyone that supported our 108 sun salutations


We managed to raise £65 for Our Mala - a charity helping survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery through yoga and meditation. If you want to help out it's not too late to donate. Just hit this link to visit our Virign Money page:

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga