Pregnancy & beyond

Sacha is passionate about empowering women.

Nothing and nobody demonstrates strength more than a mother. But we live in a world that teaches us to be afraid of pregnancy and labour, which can then lead us to fear the fear. "Well, if the media says it's scary, there must be a reason for that, right?" 

Not necessarily.

Sacha offers a variety of classes that focus on calming the mind, honouring the body and breaking the fear-tension-pain cycle. 

As you might expect from a registered nurse with over a decade of working in the NHS under her belt, Sacha has a high regard for high quality evidence, The services that she chooses to offer have been carefully selected because of the evidence and logic that supports them.

Choose from Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga for Labour Preparation and KG Hypnobirthing to empower yourself and your body.

And once your baby's arrived safely into the world, Sacha is here to support you with Postnatal Yoga classes.

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