Sacha believes that yoga is for everybody:

Man, woman, old, young, athletic, couch potato, lean or curvaceous; whether you're a hippy pining for a return of the seventies or a power dressing corporate mastermind, anyone can do it!

Sacha is dedicated to bringing yoga to the masses, with a particular focus on those who normally shy away from the practice because they don't feel that they fit into their perceived stereotype of a yogi.

She understands that some people find yoga intimidating, and aims to remove this barrier. She teaches in a fun, energetic, inclusive way, with patience and understanding, explaining each pose carefully and using very little (if any) Sanskrit (the language sometimes used in yoga). 

As you might expect, given her nursing background, she approaches yoga from a no-nonsense, evidence-based perspective, and is particularly interested in yoga for chronic health conditions, such as back pain and hypertension, and its emotional and mental health benefits. She doesn't care how a pose looks, so long as it's done safely and feels good - and neither should you!

Fully qualified and insured, Sacha teaches vinyasa (which simply means a flow of postures), particularly power vinyasa, which holds poses for longer, building strength of body and mind, as well as Hatha, which is a little slower, and Beginners' Yoga. She also offers pre-natal yoga and labour preparation for mums to be and postnatal yoga.

Brand new to yoga and feeling a little nervous? First of all, don't be! And second of all, why not book a two hour introductory session where Sacha will clearly explain the basic postures of yoga and hopefully settle those nerves.

Currently, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Sacha is offering classes online only. 

You can benefit from great discounts if you commit to a bundle of classes.

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Not sure that group classes are for you? No problem, book a one to one class!

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